Latency as of yesterday

Susan Cragin susancragin at
Wed Aug 5 09:32:09 CDT 2009

I got a new kernel and a new git yesterday. 
One of them is causing massive latency in my sound system. I looked at the changes to git that were made yesterday, and suspect that the latency came with the kernel. 
2.6.31-5-generic is the new kernel. 
Just for "fun" I reinstalled my entire system this morning, and the latency is the same, so it is not due to any tweaks I have made.
I have been running using winecfg's oss sound and padsp for a week or so. It had been working fairly well. 
Anyway, before I file a bug on Ubuntu against the kernel, I thought I would ask if yesterday's git might be at fault. I don't have time to do regression testing before Friday, but I will do it if needed. 

(Separate issue -- I have not been able to run dragon NaturallySpeaking with alsa for several months. Timeout issues during training.)

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