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Susan Cragin susancragin at
Thu Aug 6 06:16:18 CDT 2009

Current Ubuntu sound bugs relating to wine
OSS 409395. 
ALSA 407970

-----I got this response on the Ubuntu list------
This is probably due to a libasound2-plugins and pulseaudio/rtkit skew; the latest libasound2-plugins needs at least pulseaudio
1:0.9.16~test3 and rtkit 0.3. Karmic has an older version of pulseaudio (1:0.9.15) at the moment.

After further checking I determined that the current kernel changes are supposed to make the regular kernel capable of running at real-time (right now, for outgoing sound only) by activating a switch on the regular kernel. 
This functionality, of course, needs pulseaudio. 
Despite the optimism expressed above, pulseaudio 1:0.9016~test4 and the latest rtkit did not solve my problem. Wine still has no functioning sound.

Stay tuned.

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