Begin Wine Development

Scott Ritchie scott at
Thu Aug 6 07:55:08 CDT 2009

Alexandros Dermenakis wrote:
> Hi to everyone,
> I'm a software developer interested in contributing to wine. Can you
> guide a bit with the process?
> How do you become a member and get a account to submit code to the git
> repository?
> How do you get tickets with your tasks?
> Thanks

Hey Alexandros,

First of all, welcome!  We need more people like you, and we especially
want to know if we're doing anything to scare you away.  I don't think
we are, but you can never be sure since most people won't tell you if
they gave up when they never really got properly started.

I'm keenly interested in cleaning up the WineHQ Developer web pages so
they're more newcomer friendly, so if you were at all confused by
anything or couldn't find something that's important please give me a
poke and I'll fix it ;)

Scott Ritchie

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