winemp3: a fix for security alert CVE-2006-1655

Aric Stewart aric at
Fri Aug 7 12:07:27 CDT 2009

It means similar fix... however that wording appears in the original 
patch to libmpg123 that corrects this problem and so in the layer3.c 
implementation in modern libmpg123

So i debated changing the wording or keeping the original wording and 
decided to keep it the same as layer3.c in libmpg123 so that if later 
someone does work to try to update wines mpg library it would not show 
up as a diff.


Juan Lang wrote:
> Hi Aric, I'm not trying to correct you here, I just don't understand a
> comment, so I'm asking for clarification:
> +           int idx;
> +           if(sfb > 21) return; /* similarity fix related to CVE-2006-1655 */
> What is a "similarity fix"?  Or did you mean "similar to fix for
> CVE..." instead?
> Thanks,
> --Juan

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