Towards leveraging app build and unit tests as a way to test wine

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Aug 10 03:42:38 CDT 2009

Wine is far enough along that it ought to be
able to build and run unit test suites from
apps like Inkscape, Firefox, and OpenOffice,
so I'm trying to write scripts that download and build
various apps unattended, and eventually run their
own test suites.
The scripts are written to run equally well on Windows
and Wine.  This is hard to do without something like
Cygwin or Autohotkey; I'm using Cygwin for my scripts
out of personal preference.

I already did a build script for Inkscape using mingw;

Now I'm tackling Firefox.  So far the script
installs Visual C++ 2005 Express and the 2003 platform SDK; see
Next step: grabbing firefox source and building.

I'm also filing bugs as I go;
19673	Microsoft Platform Installer 2003 fails to install
19668	cmd /c doesn't wait for result before exiting?
19636	Vista SDK installer fails in "Microsoft VC Redist 2008" subinstaller
19615	Can't compile Inkscape with mingw on wine: fd leak?
19581	Visual Studio 2005: "cl : Command line error D8022 : cannot open
'foo.rsp' "; foo.rsp was created with FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY
19502	Visual Studio 2005 SP1 install seems to fail

While one doesn't really need to build the apps
under Wine to run their test suites, it's a pain
to have to compile them on one system and
ship them over to another.
And supporting building might have a nice benefit: if
it's easy to develop for Windows on Wine,
more Windows developers might bother to
test their apps on Wine.  So I think it's worth
the extra effort.
- Dan

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