Towards leveraging app build and unit tests as a way to test wine

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Aug 10 09:52:02 CDT 2009

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 6:50 AM, Jacek Caban<jacek at> wrote:
> While I agree with this arguments, I think Wine would benefit more from
> compiling using MinGW in case of Firefox. It would test code of Wine Gecko
> package, which would be great. Obviously MSVC compilation would also test
> this code, but the nearer build config would be, the better. There are
> instructions about how to get it compiled on the Wiki:
> Using wine/mozconfig-browser from Wine Gecko source would be a good start
> (it builds Firefox debug version). Unfortunately this compilation is quite
> complicated. I will use a chance to write about it here.

Thanks, I'll look into it.   I'm still going to do the MSVC version
first, since I already have one mingw build, but I agree
Wine would benefit from being able to self-host the build
of its own Gecko component.  If anyone else wants to
jump in and do the mingw version, that'd be great.

> - MinGW importlibs and includes are not good enough.
> And worse, their developers don't seem to care. My bug report had no
> response and AFAIK I'm not allowed to send them a patch:
> so I didn't bother to file another bug reports.

IMHO it's still worth filing a few more bugs even if there's no response.
It helps document the problem for later.
Maybe we can do that once we have an automated
script to reproduce.

> - MinGW build is not officially supported, so it often regresses.
> Some changes in the code like
> will help a bit to avoid problems. Also Mozilla developers are willing to
> setup automated tests for Linux MinGW builds (for other reasons than I'd
> like to see it, but it doesn't matter). See
> That would avoid compilation regressions, but GCC bug needs to be fixed
> first.

Yeah, once we have the script, it should be easy for them
to set up the automated build bot.
- Dan

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