How to test cryptui's dialogs?

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Mon Aug 10 10:58:02 CDT 2009

Hi Aurimas, Paul,

>> I did experience some crashes of Chrome while dealing with the crypt
>> exporting/importing/viewing, so will do some bughunting as well ;)
> Yes I'm having some crashes too.
> Trying to delete certificate:
> chrome.exe: context.c:115: Context_GetExtra: Assertion
> `baseContext->type == ContextTypeLink' failed.
> Trying to view certificate purposes:
> chrome.exe: caret.c:183: ME_GetCursorCoordinates: Assertion
> `~para->member.para.nFlags & 0x01' failed.

Dylan's fix for this crash was committed today, so if you're still
interested in testing the cryptui dialogs, you should be able to view
them without crashes using today's git.  (Thanks again, Dylan.)

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