Wine and XShm support

Yuriy Kaminskiy yumkam at
Mon Aug 10 16:17:34 CDT 2009

On 10.08.2009 12:24, Henri Verbeet wrote:
>> at least add a registry key for it and disable it perhaps on 'modern
>> drivers'). What do you guys think?
> Could you do some benchmarking? You can disable XShm support by
> passing "--without-xshm" to configure.

Note that problem is only with *Shm*Pixmap*. *Shm*Image* is fine. So
--without-xshm will disable too much.

AFAIR, with really modern nvidia drivers (>=180.x), Xserver should report
'ShmPixmap unsupported' in XShmQueryVersion (see driver's README about 'Option
"AllowSHMPixmaps"'; check `xdpyinfo -ext MIT-SHM` to be sure); so new ShmPixmap
code should be already no-op on nvidia and not cause pessimization ;-) [not sure
about Intel and others; so, maybe, adding wine option still make sense].

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