[1/6] comctl32/tests: Move v6 test initialisation routines into separate file

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 04:11:24 CDT 2009

Paul Vriens wrote:
> Reece Dunn wrote:
>> 2009/8/11 Paul Vriens <paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com>:
>>> Henri Verbeet wrote:
>>>> 2009/8/11 Nikolay Sivov <bunglehead at gmail.com>:
>>>>> Henri Verbeet wrote:
>>>>>> I don't know if there's any reason these tests should be an 
>>>>>> exception,
>>>>>> but the general rule is that tests are supposed to be contained 
>>>>>> within
>>>>>> their own file, to allow for easy compilation.
>>>>> He didn't move any tests but only initialization routines. This v6 
>>>>> tests
>>>> Yes, but that makes the tests depend on the file containing the
>>>> initialization routines. I.e., you now need to compile both listview.c
>>>> and v6util.c (as well as needing v6util.h) to create an executable for
>>>> the listview tests.
>>> FWIW, these comctl32 tests also already rely on msg.c for all the 
>>> message
>>> related tests.
>> Is there any reason for that (same with the user32 tests, such as for
>> the button class).
>> It means that the msc.c test file is huge and it is not obvious (or
>> reasonably easy to find out) where the tests are, unless you know
>> where to look.
>> - Reece
> Not sure for the reason. But one thing I don't like is that this 
> comctl32/msg.c (with no actual tests itself) is also shown on 
> test.winehq.org.
Could we get rid of .c file here and move messaging test helpers to 
header only? It's the way wine/test.h does it.

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