[1/6] comctl32/tests: Move v6 test initialisation routines into separate file

Owen Rudge owen at owenrudge.net
Tue Aug 11 05:19:32 CDT 2009

> Not sure for the reason. But one thing I don't like is that this 
> comctl32/msg.c (with no actual tests itself) is also shown on 
> test.winehq.org.

That is something that unfortunately does happen with v6util, too 
(v6util shows itself as another test in the test list). However, I 
thought it better than duplicating a significant amount of code - 
particularly since there was already a precedent set with msg.c.

I guess it should be possible to simply move the offending files from 
CTESTS to C_SRCS in the Makefile, perhaps? That would hopefully stop 
those files registering as tests in their own right. I'll try it later.

Placing the code in a header would I be another solution, albeit in my 
opinion a bit of a messy one.

Owen Rudge

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