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Tue Aug 11 09:54:28 CDT 2009

>--- On Mon, 10/8/09, Ben Klein <shacklein at> wrote:
>> 2009/8/10 Alexandros Dermenakis
>> <alderfc7 at>:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > I 'm now ready to start debugging wine so I'd like to
>> try solving a bug. Do I
>> > need to assign a bug to myself or I just start solving
>> it? If I have to assign
>> > it how can I do that?
>> >
>> > I created a bug zilla account
>> You don't need to assign bugs to yourself. I believe this
>> was covered
>> in another thread. Once you have a patch to fix a bug, send
>> it to
>> wine-patches, following the "submitting patches" guide.
>> Then, if it is
>> accepted and committed, the appropriate bug can be marked
>> "FIXED".
>To avoid duplication of effort (though quite unlikely among the wine community), it is probably appropriate to
>stick a comment on the specific bug to that effect and put yourself to the CC:. This way, others know you
>are working on it, and you get to read about others' insight to the problem if they choose to write to
>comment. (this has essentially the same effect as having the bug formally assigned to oneself, without the
>management/administration overhead).

It is a good idea to get the bug assigned to one's self and not to rely on the use of comments.  Of course, if you abandon the bug because you cannot complete the fix, it is a good idea to get the bug unassigned and leave a comment as to the status of the bug fix.
>Most bugs' status are eventually and officially closed by AJ anyway :-).

ALL Wine bugs are closed by AJ after confirming that the fix is in a specific release of Wine.  He has reserved this to himself.  Wine Web Site bugs are closed by the person who incorporated fixes into the code for the web site.

James McKenzie

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