Review: winex11.drv: Add workaround for 'phantom key' presence in X

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Aug 11 21:14:14 CDT 2009

"Andrew Eikum" <aeikum at> wrote:

> The root cause of this is X's XKeysymToKeycode returning the keycode for 
> the phantom key instead of the keycode for the comma key when passed the 
> keysym for '<' (XK_less).  This isn't incorrect on X's part, but 
> inconvenient for Wine as most US keyboards don't have the <> key, but 
> rather use the shifted comma key.

Why do you think that it's OK for X11 to return the phantom key for '<'
from XKeysymToKeycode? That's clearly a problem with X11 keyboard layout.
Are you going to introduce another hack if/once X11 starts to return
something else?


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