Review: winex11.drv: Add workaround for 'phantom key' presence in X

Aric Stewart aric at
Wed Aug 12 07:04:18 CDT 2009

It seems to be 'OK' for X11 to return that because everyone in the X11 
universe seems to just accept that as how X works. Not fixing it wine 
would mean require all wine users to use something like xmodmap to 
modify their own xservers to get the correct behavior.

That doesn't seem like an acceptable solution.

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Andrew Eikum" <aeikum at> wrote:
>> The root cause of this is X's XKeysymToKeycode returning the keycode 
>> for the phantom key instead of the keycode for the comma key when 
>> passed the keysym for '<' (XK_less).  This isn't incorrect on X's 
>> part, but inconvenient for Wine as most US keyboards don't have the <> 
>> key, but rather use the shifted comma key.
> Why do you think that it's OK for X11 to return the phantom key for '<'
> from XKeysymToKeycode? That's clearly a problem with X11 keyboard layout.
> Are you going to introduce another hack if/once X11 starts to return
> something else?

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