Review: winex11.drv: Add workaround for 'phantom key' presence in X

Andrew Eikum aeikum at
Wed Aug 12 10:33:30 CDT 2009

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Aric Stewart" <aric at> wrote:
>> It seems to be 'OK' for X11 to return that because everyone in the X11 
>> universe seems to just accept that as how X works.
> Could you please provide an example of this? How other projetcs cope with
> that?
> Having an appropriate X11 keyboard layout activated is exactly the same
> kind of thing as having an appropriate X11 locale, or a sensible font set.
> Just because Wine depends on this.
> Many users don't have it set correctly, and both KDE and Gnome have
> workarounds/hacks for that. But it doesn't mean that Wine has to workaround
> or hack every user misconfiguration.
> It was always a Wine policy to ask users to properly configure their
> system, and report the bugs to other projects. That's not different
> from gcc/binutils/kernel/WM/pulseaudio/video drivers/etc. bugs.
>> Not fixing it wine would mean require all wine users to use something 
>> like xmodmap to modify their own xservers to get the correct behavior.
> Using the keyboard layout selector in Gnome/KDE or any other environment
> should be enough. Besides it's hard to call this hack a "fix".
You're right, it's a keyboard layout problem.  I thought it was a deeper 
problem than that.  Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a US keyboard 
layout, at least in my Ubuntu selector, which does not have this key. 
This looks to be a problem with whoever provides the keyboard layouts.

I'll do some more research and try to report this upstream.

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