mp3 update

Aric Stewart aric at
Wed Aug 12 15:10:15 CDT 2009

Hello all,

  I am working on updating our winemp3.acm implementation to a modern 
libmpg123. We where at about 0.59r  and I have 1.8.1 working very well.

  I have a few questions.  Right now I have the smallest subset of files 
from libmpg123 that are needed to compile and work in the wine framework 
  (mostly) unmodified. I have replaced all the malloc/free calls with 
HeapAlloc/HeapFree and worked in all the wine debugging code instead of 
the libmpg123 debugging code.

What I am wondering about is that there is still a lot of code in these 
files we have no interest in.  The file reader and http reader and other 
things that we do not use (it is accessed just by the direct stream 
methods) and those things dependencies.

Should I leave all this code present in our version of the modules and 
mostly preserve the libmpg123 work to make it easier to keep updating 
forward?  Or should i remove all the unneeded code so that the modules 
present in winehq are leaner and more targeted to just the things the 
wine needs, but then they deviate much more from the original libmpg123 

With what I have now the mp3 source material this game i am testing is 
using sounds much much better. So it should be a great improvement.


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