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Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Wed Aug 12 15:34:42 CDT 2009

On Wednesday 12 August 2009 1:10:15 pm Aric Stewart wrote:
>   I have a few questions.  Right now I have the smallest subset of files
> from libmpg123 that are needed to compile and work in the wine framework
>   (mostly) unmodified. I have replaced all the malloc/free calls with
> HeapAlloc/HeapFree and worked in all the wine debugging code instead of
> the libmpg123 debugging code.
> What I am wondering about is that there is still a lot of code in these
> files we have no interest in.  The file reader and http reader and other
> things that we do not use (it is accessed just by the direct stream
> methods) and those things dependencies.
> Should I leave all this code present in our version of the modules and
> mostly preserve the libmpg123 work to make it easier to keep updating
> forward?  Or should i remove all the unneeded code so that the modules
> present in winehq are leaner and more targeted to just the things the
> wine needs, but then they deviate much more from the original libmpg123
> source?
> With what I have now the mp3 source material this game i am testing is
> using sounds much much better. So it should be a great improvement.

Personally, I'd think linking libmpg123 would be a better option, instead of 
duplicating it. It would allow Wine to be updated when the lib updates, 
instead of trying to keep up with changes, and avoid duplicating 

> Thanks,
> -aric

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