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I am sorry I forgot to introduce myself.

I am a software engineer at AMD, working on OpenGL graphics driver, I am
working with wine issues now. Some uses complained that there are too
many issues to play games with wine with AMD graphics card, so we want
to improve the quality.

That's all, Thanks





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You are using the hardcoded method to get the vidmem now (in function
IWineD3DImpl_FillGLCaps), first you call glGetString(GL_RENDERER) to get
the GPU renderer string, and then you use this string to set the vidmem
in your code. Unfortunately you don't get all of the ATI GPU's string
now, for our workstation GPU, the string is always like "ATI FireGL
V8700", so you don't recognize this GPU and consider it as
ATI_RADEON_9500, then 64MB is set which doesn't support 1280x1024
resolution (Out of adapter memory).

I think you can first detect GL_ATI_meminfo in
glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS); if GL_ATI_meminfo exists, then you can use
glGetIntegerv(GL_VBO_FREE_MEMORY_ATI, param) to get the current free
video memory, you can see more info at:


if GL_ATI_meminfo doesn't exist, you can fall back to the original

Please tell me if you have any questions.



Sunny, Sun


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