mp3 update

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Thu Aug 13 13:13:39 CDT 2009

Am Thursday 13 August 2009 00:30:33 schrieb Aric Stewart:
> Well the main advantage I can see is that we are able to have mp3
> support without adding a new library dependency.  This will be
> especially useful for platforms other than Linux where libmpg123 is not
> present. Such as the Mac.
How hard is it to make a configure option whether to link to libmpg123 
dynamically or statically, and probably default to dynamic linking(not 

That way package providers can build a package that doesn't need extra 
dependencies, self-compilers(where build system == runtime system) don't need 
two copies of the library on their HD, and distribution providers can decide 
what to do with their own wine package.

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