CPPcheck weekly run off thursdays GIT tree

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Fri Aug 14 10:25:19 CDT 2009

Am Friday 14 August 2009 15:44:42 schrieb Henri Verbeet:
> 2009/8/14 chris ahrendt <celticht32 at yahoo.com>:
> > [../wine-git/dlls/wined3d/arb_program_shader.c:820]: (all) Buffer overrun
> > [../wine-git/dlls/wined3d/arb_program_shader.c:821]: (all) Buffer overrun
> > [../wine-git/dlls/wined3d/arb_program_shader.c:966]: (all) Buffer overrun
> > [../wine-git/dlls/wined3d/arb_program_shader.c:977]: (all) Buffer overrun
> > [../wine-git/dlls/wined3d/arb_program_shader.c:988]: (all) Buffer overrun
> Stefan, those look real enough that I think you'll want to fix them.
Indeed - the texm3x3* functions pass in an 8 byte long char[], since they only 
expect a Tx register back, which just has a 2 bytes string. Its probably a 
safe assumption in the current code, but it doesn't smell right.

I'll send a patch that increases the size of the register name to the standard 
50 chars. Adding a define for the register name length is probably in order 
as well.

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