shell32: fix program search in ShellExecuteEx, quote program name if it contains spaces (resend)

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Fri Aug 14 11:05:23 CDT 2009

Hi again Stefan, I just took a little closer look, and you have more
whitespace issues in the patch:

-		    LPCWSTR p = space + 1;
+		    LPCWSTR p =  wszApplicationName + idx + 1;
Why two spaces after the =?

+        strcatW(wcmd, wQuote);
+    } else
     strcpyW(wcmd, wszApplicationName);
You should indent the strcpyW, even though it makes the patch a bit longer.

Finally, this isn't about whitespace but style:
+    if((needs_quote = NULL != strstrW(wszApplicationName,wSpace)))
+        len +=2;

The expression in the if is unnecessary complicated.  You could use
consistent spacing here too.

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