When do regressions become high priority for developers?

Matt Perry perrym3 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 12:46:19 CDT 2009

When do regressions become high priority for developers? I ask because
I opened bug 13583 over 14 months ago, provided all the information
requested, as did other people, and nothing has happened. The program
worked with Wine 0.9.53 but has been broken since then.

I have continued to test the program on newer versions of Wine
occasionally, but the bug persists. In fact, I am starting to see more
regressions in recent Wine builds that prevent me from getting to the
point in the program where I can test the regression reported in the
bug report.

14 months seems to be more than reasonable to repair a regression. I'm
worried about having to forever maintain a separate installation of
Wine just to use this program. I'll be happy to test further if
someone is going to work on this bug but right now my efforts seem to
be for naught. Should I bother to continue to give this bug any
attention or just abandon it and focus my efforts elsewhere?


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