Appinstall testing guide up on the wiki

Austin English austinenglish at
Sun Aug 16 04:00:48 CDT 2009

2009/8/16 Nicklas Börjesson <Nicklas.Borjesson at>:
> This looks way cool. If no one else have already started, I'll have a go with PS CS4.

Excellent. You may want to start with something simpler. CS4 is a
beast, and probably has a lot of hidden bugs. Start with something
that works well, to get used to coding up tests. Then work toward the
hard stuff.

> So I looked through the CS2 script and I have two questions:
> 1. CS4, and many other, currently need some winetricks to install and work.
> Can I use winetricks or do I have to break out the downloading and installing of those components and try and do the same in the script language(using run_wait and so forth)? Basically, I guess my question is if I can add winetricks to tools? That way, we only need to fix broken .msi downloads in one place?

No, actually. Winetricks shouldn't be used to work around wine bugs.
Yes, I know you could argue missing mfc42/corefonts is a wine bug, but
those are pretty big bugs and not ones that will subtly break/be
fixed. What you should do is write the test on windows, test it
thoroughly (watch out for race conditions), then test it on wine. This
often reveals subtle bugs (different window names, etc.) File any
new/missing bugs. If you can work around them while testing for them,
do so. If a bug is fatal, have the test exit. The test should be
written though, so that if the bug is fixed, the test can continue as
if on windows, and report a fixed bug (TODO_FIXED).

You can see plenty of examples of that in the CS 2 test. It checks to
see if the license window appears a second time, like on windows. If
so, it accepts the license a second time. If it doesn't appear, it
reports a TODO_FAILED. There are other examples elsewhere...

> 2. CS4 is huge, and has approximately one billion files(well maybe not). Is there some special reason all those sha1sum checks aren't in a include file? If not, what should I call the include file? photoshopcs4_inc_sha1sum or something similar?

I suppose you could put them in a include file. AHK supports optional
includes, so you could, for instance, have it sha1sum if the include
file is there, or skip it otherwise. Personally, I don't mind the
clutter, since it keeps everything in one file (and the sha1sum's are
bundled together, and Notepad++ lets me skip that long list.).


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