winemp3.acm: link to system

Aric Stewart aric at
Thu Aug 20 07:38:32 CDT 2009

A quick license check does show that libmad is indeed GPL which means we 
cannot use it in WINE at all.


Aric Stewart wrote:
> I am looking into libmad, their programming APIs are completely 
> undocumented so not sure how it works yet.  But really it should be easy 
> to add it to the frameworks as well so that either libmpg123 or libmad 
> would be able to be used.
> But i see this as an addition onto the libmpg123 work instead of a 
> replacement of.
> -aric
> Chris Robinson wrote:
>> On Wednesday 19 August 2009 2:26:37 pm Matteo Bruni wrote:
>>> What about using more popular libraries as libmad, lame or maybe
>>> gstreamer to decode mp3 files? I believe someone previously said that
>>> gstreamer is also available on Mac.
>> libmad is GPL, and IIRC lame uses libmpg123 or libmad for decoding. 
>> GStreamer seems rather hefty if you just need its mp3 decoder, IMO.

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