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Trevor Davenport trevor.davenport at
Thu Aug 20 09:51:38 CDT 2009


I wanted to send a mail to the list and basically state what the
status of all this is and what my plans are for the future.

For those unfamiliar with what i was doing, I was trying to enable
using gstreamer elements as directshow filter to expand the quartz
functionality available.  At the start of the program I was not very
familiar with quartz so it took a fair amount of learning to get up to
speed with it.

The basic ability to use a gstreamer element is mostly there.  More
work is needed to finish up a few aspects of it though.  The source
commited to my github repo does expose one working element if you have
the gstreamer mp3 plugin installed.  A little bit more work is needed
to map more formats so that more elements can be exposed.  I had hoped
to do this before the program deadline but it just ended up not being
possible.  But i plan to keep working on this.  I'd like to see it
commited if possible.

My plans are essentially the following:
* expand the format mapping so most audio elements (ones that operate
on one input and one output) can be exposed
* add to the quartz filter registry
* clean up anything I can find (i am sure there is a leak or two, etc)
* finish build setup - configure option and library finding issue
(seems to pickup 64bit version on 64bit system...which won't work...)
* start patch review

More long term I want to start more general quartz work.  Implementing
some of the currently unimplemented features such as dynamic pin
reconnection would help.  I want to do this as well as start cleaning
up a few areas I found while trying to find what was happening.  I
also want to continue working on this to allow more elements,
specifically the demuxers from gstreamer which should be able to the
take the place of avisplitter and mpegsplitter but have more features.

I didn't get as far as i had wanted to due to how much I had to learn
about directshow and time was constantly a issue.  Nothing really uses
the new filter currently expect my little test mp3 player, which is
also available in the github repo (just search for tdaven, both the
wine and the test programs are in my personal repo).  It seems the
quartz dsound element sometimes (i've had it often) does not mix well
when using alsa as the audio driver over pulseaudio.  If it sounds
extremely slow this is the cause.  I've not tracked down exactly what
is going on in this case, but using raw alsa or something else has
never demonstrated the issue.  Took me a good while to find this was
the cause though.

If there are any questions I'd be glad to answer whatever.


Trevor Davenport

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