Bug for beginners

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 10:25:12 CDT 2009

> As I understand from Wine's policies, functions should only be implemented
> if an application requires them. If that's correct, a random search for
> stubs isn't a good idea, because the follow up question would be "which
> application requires this function?".

We certainly prioritize functions that an application needs, but we
don't prohibit code that doesn't identify an application that needs
it.  It's true that we often ask on this mailing list which
application needs a function, but I think that's generally when a
patch looks strange for some other reason.  One of the usual reasons
is that it's lacking a test.

So, going back to the original advice:  if you can write good test
cases for a function, then there's a decent chance you can implement
it, and both tests and the implementation can find their way into
Wine.  If you can't write good test cases, you'll have a much harder
time getting your code into Wine.

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