Appinstall strikes again!

Austin English austinenglish at
Fri Aug 21 21:26:01 CDT 2009

So, I've been on vacation this past week. Before leaving, I ran 'daily
; daily ; daily ; daily ; daily' to make sure they daily build scripts
still ran while I was gone.

Looking at the logs, I found something interesting:
wordviewer03-result.txt:wordview_en-us.exe didn't crash. Bug 19185 TODO_FIXED.
doesn't exist. Bug 19318 TODO_FIXED.
Some TODO_FIXED...investigate!

Looking at the git log, there were only a couple msxml commits, so I
tried reverting them to see which one fixed it. Apparently this one

So thanks Jacek, you fixed a 1.2.0 bug and probably didn't even know it ;-).

Now, everyone write some tests for your favorite downloadable application! :-)


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