font-shape/font-query related regression in wine 1.1.28

Hin-Tak Leung hintak_leung at
Sun Aug 23 14:02:33 CDT 2009

My favourite mono/.net application dies with 'Style Regular isn't supported by font Tahoma' in 1.1.28.

I did a git bisect and 
commit 0b9ba054f6c8a2d96c898e7325087f56a6224644
Author: André Hentschel <nerv at>
Date:   Wed Aug 12 19:19:32 2009 +0200

was the entry that breaks, but just reversing it in 1.1.28 does not fix the problem - i.e. more problematic commits later?; however, replacing the wine-shipped tahoma fonts with those from Vista does cure the problem; so does simply deleting them from $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/windows/fonts (and allow substitution from system fonts happen, I think).

I don't know why a german translation would affect my environment (LANG=en_GB.utf8) and setting LANG=C does not fix the problem.

In any case, the correct fix is probably working out what vista-shipped tahoma does which differs from wine-shipped tahoma? Anybody has any thought on this issue?


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