Build failure on current git

Robert Förster Dessa at
Mon Aug 24 15:14:58 CDT 2009

according to the mpg123 NEWS file mpg123_feed was introduced with 1.5.0
if this is actually the lowest version to compile with, it should be checked 
by ./configure if possible.

linking against system libmpg123 does have other issues however.
im building a 32 bit wine on a 64 bit box here and i have installed a 32 bit 
libary of libmpg123 of course, however:

mpegl3.o: In function `MPEG3_Reset':
mpegl3.c:(.text+0xca): undefined reference to `mpg123_feedseek'

the symbol is actually mpg123_feedseek_64 (which seems to be the case on a 
pure 32 bit box too according to one reporter)
mpg123_findseek is correct for 64 bit however as there isn't mpg123_findseek_64 
in my 64 bit libary.

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