programs/clock: Corrected a small lexical error in the italian translation (Corrected)

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sat Aug 29 13:56:46 CDT 2009

>Fixed a small typing error in the italian translation of clock.exe in 
>the property menu label (Properietà -> Proprietà).
>Compiled and tested correctly on Ubuntu 9.04 64bit.
>(My first patch I send, so please be kind for any error, I'll be happy 
>to correct it if pointed to, thanks)
>P.S.: For some reason the previous mail attachment showed up empty in 
>the archives list, even if sent mail is correct, and using Thunderbird I 
>prefer not to paste it int he message body. Sorry for double sending.


Please look at the processed mail message before sending to make sure that your patch is an attachment and not bound in-line.  Thunderbird likes to do this to text attachments, so you might want to change the extension to .patch or .diff so Thunderbird will not do this.

I did not have this problem with using git when git was configured per the GitWine page on the Wiki.

James McKenzie

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