What's wrong with my patch?

Andrew Eikum aeikum at codeweavers.com
Mon Aug 31 11:28:29 CDT 2009

Jan de Mooij wrote:
> Hello.
> Subject says it all. I suppose the tests I added may fail on other
> locales, but there is no other way to test my patch?
> Should i send it without the tests?
> Thanks in advance.
> Jan

I can't speak much to the patch itself, but the patch file you attached 
has an invalid email address.  You should set user.name and user.email 
in .git/config.  See `man git-config` for more info.

Also, #defining the ID for the apply button without #undefing it seems 
wrong.  I'd use a const INT in the test_buttons method so the scope is 
taken care of automatically.


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