[PATCH 1/7] dsound: Remove support for IKsPropertySet for now

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 08:14:09 CST 2009

Hi Robert,

Robert Reif schreef:
> Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
>> -- 
>> As I said, I'm confident nobody uses it, since wine never implemented 
>> it properly anyway
>> ---
> I think you will find that you will have to add it back later because 
> both interfaces are commonly used.
> The private interface is used for enumerating devices and is the only 
> way of getting some information about the actual hardware.
Yeah, but I haven't found a single program that seems to use it, and 
since the reworking is already hard enough right now to split up, I felt 
that leaving it in the patchset would make my work even harder. It will 
be added back, but I haven't found any program using the IKsPropertySet, 
either buffer or interface, so I don't really have any non-wine testcases.
> The buffer interface is commonly used to determine special hardware 
> effects.  Programs do check even if wine doesn't implement them 
> because most windows sound cards don't either.  In fact, now that you 
> will be using openal you might have the opportunity to actually add 
> real effects!
I'm aware, but working on reworking things at the moment, since the 
whole directsound interface will be replaced, this code would be 
reimplemented as well.

Does the removal really break anything? I thought that on acceleration < 
full those interfaces wouldn't be available anyhow, so programs should 
be able to deal with it.

If not, I'm very interested in seeing those programs, since none of the 
programs I tested really seemed to care, even programs that used 
dsound3d. If a program breaks on this, I would be really interested, 
since I thought IKsPropertySet isn't even supposed to be available on a 
software loc buffer (which is all our directsound supports anyhow).


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