[PATCH 1/7] dsound: Remove support for IKsPropertySet for now

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Sat Dec 5 05:50:39 CST 2009

Am 05.12.2009 um 10:35 schrieb Chris Robinson:
> Except it also has API-provided 3D features that would be a big benefit for 
> implementing DSound3D,
This is indeed a big plus for OpenAL - if we use our own sound system we'll have to reimplement DSound3D features. It fits the "sit on the shoulders of giants" - use existing infrastructure instead of reinventing the wheel, which is usually considered good software engineering practice.

> and has a defined API that can be re-implemented to 
> best take advantage of the user's system
The same can be said if we have our own sound system. Its "we have to lift a finger" vs "we have a sound infrastructure that matches windows perfectly"

> You hit a bug in OpenAL, then OpenAL can (and should) be fixed. When OpenAL 
> gets fixed, then Wine is implicitly fixed along with other affected apps. But 
> if Wine uses its own stack built on the hardware and a bug crops up, you need 
> to wait until someone can fix Wine. 
Considering that it takes years to get a third party project fixed and the fix shipped to users I'd rather fix Wine. (Yeah, I know you're maintaining Linux OpenAL, so that would make fixing Linux OAL much easier if needed - but not getting it shipped)

>> I also don't trust the OSX OpenAL implementation.
> Understandable, but at the same time, it gives something to Apple to improve 
> their OpenAL implementation with (especially if you're getting stack 
> corruption, which sounds like a potential security issue).
They don't seem to care about 50-line opengl apps that cause kernel panics or crash the window server reliably. As bad as it sounds, on the apple side you either have to live with their bugs for a long time or abandon the platform.
(As an interesting factoid, the GCC developers don't work around bugs in the host's assembler and linker toolchain. Except on OSX)

Your OpenAL software implementation might help there. If it works on OSX we'd have an alternative we could point users to.

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