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Sat Dec 5 16:45:17 CST 2009

Hi Mike,

On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 2:43 PM, Mike Kronenberg
<mike.kronenberg at> wrote:

I cut out the rest of the discussion for the moment as I am short on
time and it's clear we all have a different philosphical POV on how
Wine should behave. I'll leave it up to Alexandre to decide as far as
my patch goes for app bundles. I think Wine users on OS X will
attribute the bad behavior you describe to being part of the pain of
dealing with Windows apps. At least when I was supporting CrossOver on
OS X, most of the apple users I spoke with were more accepting of the
glitches and limitations as opposed to how they would expect normal
Mac software to behave. Maybe times I heard something along the lines
of "it's ok, this is a windows app I am dealing with".

> But what about these:
>        ~/.local/share/applications
>        ~/.local/share/desktop-directories
>        ~/.local/share/icons
>        ~/.lcoal/share/mime
> Can I somehow disable them or move them inside the prefix? I know the concept of "share", but since I started with answering mails about how to completely remove wine the list of files and folders to search and clean is growing constantly.

This is xdg-associations winemenubuilder is trying to handle. My patch
disables this behavior on OS X until we properly fix associations.

Steven Edwards

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