Please Review - Revised OS X Application Bundle patch

Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at
Mon Dec 7 11:08:04 CST 2009


>I still am not sure I understand the problem. Using start /unix should
>not be required
I'm sorry for the confusion.  Forget everything about start /unix.  I don't
use it and mentioned it because there are some posts in the forum
where somebody is fighting with it and the app's current directory on MacOS.
What I meant is that my script does cd /to/the/dir found in a .desktop's
Path= line (then uses wine app.exe like you).  I found nothing like this in your patch.

>Can you provide me with an example app so I can check out the 
IIRC The Alien Nations behaves differently whether you start in the
apps root directory or from within the bin/ subdir where the .exe lies.
IIRC some movies would not play, or load/save not work.

>Sorry if it sounded offensive. It's creative hackery
Here's the 100% no-hackery version:
a) Run sips -i img.extension on whatever image you want (.png or not).
b) Create the .command shell script with an editor.
c) Using Cmd-I (Information), make it executable and
   copy&paste an icon image onto the tiny icon in the top left.
Caveat, the icon may not be updated immediately in the Finder's view.

>PNG could be made to work TODAY in some cases but not others and OS X
>prefers *.icns.
.png are created today in ~/.local/share/icons/ by Wine on Mac and
Linux.  (It used to be .xpm in the past and configure must detect
libpng).  Note that .png is mere *output* from Wine because that's
what FreeDesktop wants as input (and .xpm). 
Judging from the .icns size, this looks like a non-compressed format.
There should be enough code in Wine or MacOS to turn the installer
submitted raw icon data into whatever Mac's icon resource fork requires.
windowscodecs need not be beinvolved IMHO (I mean it should need
nothing that was not already present in 0.9.x).

	Jörg Höhle

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