Please Review - Revised OS X Application Bundle patch

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Mon Dec 7 11:54:28 CST 2009

On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 12:46 PM, Mike Kronenberg
<mike.kronenberg at> wrote:
> This can be easily done, I've integrated lately similar functionality in WineBottler.
> If You already have the png only the sipping part of this little script is needed.

Oh sure, we can do it now, but like I just said to Joerg, just because
we can do it now does not mean that Alexandre will let us do it now.
Winemenubuilder really needs to be cleaned up and abstracted as we go
along in this process.

1. Generic App Bundle Support (my patch does this)
2. Pretty Icon support (next on the list)
3. Associations

At each step along the way, Alexandre is going to want it to at least
be cleanly separated so it can be re-factored. Just look at how I had
to hook in to the main winemenubuilder file and bail out on
unsupported features. It's intimately tied to xdg which is good for
the Linux side but sucks for us, and what if tomorrow someone invents
something better on Linux for menus or associations? It really needs
to be abstracted the right way.

Steven Edwards

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