Wine sound discussion summary

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Mon Dec 7 18:02:12 CST 2009


2009/12/8 Robert Reif <reif at>:
> Can we drop all current audio drivers now that don't have midi?
> Any driver that doesn't implement the complete winmm API and
> direct sound shouldn't be in the current tree anyway.
I wish, but aj wouldn't even let me delete winenas.drv that has been
obviously broken for many years, even after I pointed out it even
failed 'play test sound' in winecfg after you set it up. I guess it
has to wait until after wine7audio hits.
The lack of an accelerated dsound interface isn't that big, just means
1 more copy of the primary buffer kept around, wine dsound should
handle it correctly, tested on windows some time back too.

Our dsound won't run on windows though, mingw gets horribly confused
by DirectSoundCreate8 at 24 and DirectSoundCreate at 24, and no matter what
I tried, either dynamic linking or static linking would fail (or


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