[ddraw/tests] Fix some test failures on Vista+

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Thu Dec 10 10:36:15 CST 2009

Am 10.12.2009 um 17:22 schrieb Paul Vriens:
> Well, the patch has been committed but the ok() message looks a bit strange now. Do you think it makes sense to change getdc_capable to a HRESULT and do something like the following instead:
> ok(hr == testdata[i].result ||
>   testdata[i].alt_result && hr == testdata[i].alt_result,
>   "GetDC on a %s surface returned 0x%08\n",
>   testdata[i].name, hr);
That code makes it a bit more obvious than the last one, but those tests are of pretty little use now. The test essentially says "it can work or it cannot work". We also have a few other tests testing and documenting the return values in specific situations(though I think not in the situation where the format cannot be used with GetDC.

I have no problems if we leave the tests as they are right now. If you want, you could disable the tests entirely, revert the alternative ok() value, and add a separate test that tests what the return value is if a format can't be used with GetDC(but use a format that fails on all windows versions, like DCT1)

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