Unable to cleanly install cups-devel.i686 on a Fedora 12 x86_64 machine

Alasdair Sinclair alasdairs at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Dec 10 16:08:40 CST 2009

On 10/12/09 18:46, Paul Chitescu wrote:
> On Thursday 10 December 2009 08:37:22 pm Alex Villací­s Lasso wrote:
>> I have just updated my setup to Fedora 12 on 64 bits, and I want to
>> compile Wine for this setup. I followed the instructions at:
>> http://wiki.winehq.org/WineOn64bit on the section for Fedora 12.
>> However, I have the following error when trying to install the packages
>> as directed by the wiki:
>> Error en la verificación de la transacción:
>>     file /usr/bin/cups-config from install of
>> cups-devel-1:1.4.2-7.fc12.i686 conflicts with file from package
>> cups-devel-1:1.4.2-7.fc12.x86_64
>> Resumen de errores
>> -------------
>> What I understand from this is that /usr/bin/cups-config is provided by
>> both packages, and cannot be marked as shared by both packages. I want
>> to have both 32 and 64-bit support for compiling programs that use CUPS.
>> Does this problem have a clean workaround? Or should I complain instead
>> to the Fedora packagers?
> Hi!
> Unfortunately in RPM based distros that use side-by-side multiarch libraries
> (as opposed to chroot) it's not possible to have multiple architecture devel
> version of most (if not all) packages. Not only config programs are clashing
> but include files too.
Lots of the multiarch devel packages live quite happly side by side. 
Looks like this used to work but got broken with F12 see 


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