UNC Pathname handling

Alexandre Hardy alexandre.hardy at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 02:02:10 CST 2009


I have written a patch to add basic UNC pathname support which tries
to handle UNC pathnames according to the MSDN spec.

The patch satisfies some of the UNC pathname tests for GetLongPathNameA,
but is actually intended to fix GetLongPathNameW.

I am not entirely satisfied with the patch, and would appreciate some

Some issues:

1) Paths prefixed by '\\?\' require GetLongPathName to handle
strings of length 32767. I don't like the fact that the patch creates two
such large strings on the local stack, should the memory be dynamically
allocated only when needed?

2) The handling of shares \\hostname\C$ is implemented, but no other
shares are handled. And even in this case, only the host on which wine
is executed is handled, no other hosts are handled. I have read that
Windows 7 disables this share by default. So should wine be handling this
particular URL, or should more general sharing be implemented?

The patch is included as an attachment to this message.

Kind regards

Alexandre Hardy
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