Building and packaging Wine Gecko

Anssi Hannula anssi at
Fri Dec 11 14:11:59 CST 2009

Hi all!

I see that Wine has recently started to always request installation of
Gecko, and that it is recommended to use a distribution provided package.

We do not yet provide a wine-gecko package in Mandriva, but we'd like to.

According to our policy (and the policy of e.g. Debian, Fedora)
everything in our main repositories has to be compiled by us without
external binaries compiled by a third party.

I noticed there are build instructions here:

However, the instructions on that page ask for copying binaries directly
provided in wine-mozilla tarball, and for modifying mingw32 headers.
These actions are rather unacceptable for us (I guess the latter one is
workaroundable, though).

I saw that says Gentoo and openSUSE package
Gecko properly. I looked at the Gentoo package [1] and saw that they
simply download the prebuilt cab, which we can't do. I took a look in
openSUSE src.rpm [2], but found no references to Gecko, and I didn't see
any separate wine-gecko src.rpm there. I did found wine-gecko OpenSUSE
binary packages in Wine's SourceForge page, but no source packages or
information on how it was built.

Is it really not possible to build Wine Gecko from the source code, on
command line, on Linux?
Or is it just that nobody has written any instructions on how to do that?


Anssi Hannula
Mandriva packager

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