Building and packaging Wine Gecko

Ove Kaaven ovek at
Fri Dec 11 21:07:54 CST 2009

Sir Gallantmon skrev:
> Sorry, I think of the word "toolchain" differently I guess. I always
> considered a toolchain to include both tools and common libraries, as
> Fedora did. I was aware of the MinGW compiler offered in the Debian
> package repository, but with no libraries, I considered it useless.

Well, to be fair, the libraries included with mingw32 include the whole
Win32 API, including the standard C runtime (msvcrt). What more could
you possibly need from a "minimalist GNU for Windows" compiler for it to
be useful...?

I think, though, that Debian decided not to bloat the Debian archive
with precompiled third-party libraries for mingw. They prefer to bloat
it only with packages built for the supported Debian architectures.
Cross compilers (like mingw) are often included since they need to run
on the host, but extra libraries for the non-native architecture usually
aren't, you may need to compile stuff like that yourself (or use stuff
like apt-cross/dpkg-cross if possible, but they may not apply to mingw).

Can be a bit of a pain, though, yes... but maybe, once they've finally
gotten multiarch up and running (planned for years and probably due to
occur sometime before the heat death of the universe), it'll be easier
and cleaner to deal with cross-compilation (and emulation) environments.

I think I may be able to deal with it for now though. Even the current
situation is less hassle than ever having to touch rpm... or even worse,

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