Upcoming WWN

Zachary Goldberg zach at zachgoldberg.com
Sun Dec 13 23:18:11 CST 2009

Greetings Folks,

As is the usual excuse "real life" has gotten in the way of producing
quality and timely World Wine News issues.  Dan Kegel recently had the
idea of putting together a wiki page where the community as a whole
can contribute to the next issue.  I concurred and Dan put together
the following page:


Which has a preface as follows:

"This is the inbox for Wine Weekly News. The WWN editor invites Wine
developers and users to submit articles here for inclusion in the next
edition of WWN, but reserves the right to edit mercilessly. This page
will be cleared each time a new WWN is published.'

So, feel free to throw up some topics you would like to see discussed
and maybe some extra detail that wouldn't ordinarily have showed up on
wine-devel (you can include links to wine-devel too if you feel like
being really nice to the editor :)).

I'll post some ideas for articles during the day tomorrow (something
about dsound and OpenAL anybody?) that hopefully we can flesh out
along with ideas from the community at large.


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