Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at
Mon Dec 14 12:36:18 CST 2009

Hi Andre,

> From: Andre Hentschel
> Some Questions/Suggestions by me:
> - Are the VMs running on Computer at VMWare, on some Internetserver or at
your home?

I have a personal box (Dell SC1435, Quad core AMD Opteron @ 2.2 GHz, 16GB
RAM) collocated at a large Dutch ISP. WineTestBot and the test VMs are all
running on that box. VMware is not involved (yet?).

> - IMO you should add pruning to your script, we are at about 120 tests and
i guess old ones can be deleted

Yes, I started working on a script last weekend. Should be ready
some time this week. The plan is to throw everything away that's older than
a week.

> - Will you add one or more Wine-Machines to cover that, too?

It's not a priority for me, I might look at that once I get the bot to phase
3 (where it will watch wine-patches for test changes and run them

Thanks for your feedback, Ge.

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