Building and packaging Wine Gecko

Anssi Hannula anssi at
Tue Dec 15 19:20:53 CST 2009

Anssi Hannula wrote:
> Hi all!
> I see that Wine has recently started to always request installation of
> Gecko, and that it is recommended to use a distribution provided package.
> We do not yet provide a wine-gecko package in Mandriva, but we'd like to.
> According to our policy (and the policy of e.g. Debian, Fedora)
> everything in our main repositories has to be compiled by us without
> external binaries compiled by a third party.
> I noticed there are build instructions here:
> However, the instructions on that page ask for copying binaries directly
> provided in wine-mozilla tarball, and for modifying mingw32 headers.
> These actions are rather unacceptable for us (I guess the latter one is
> workaroundable, though).
> I saw that says Gentoo and openSUSE package
> Gecko properly. I looked at the Gentoo package [1] and saw that they
> simply download the prebuilt cab, which we can't do. I took a look in
> openSUSE src.rpm [2], but found no references to Gecko, and I didn't see
> any separate wine-gecko src.rpm there. I did found wine-gecko OpenSUSE
> binary packages in Wine's SourceForge page, but no source packages or
> information on how it was built.
> Is it really not possible to build Wine Gecko from the source code, on
> command line, on Linux?
> Or is it just that nobody has written any instructions on how to do that?

Apparently it is not easily possible (even if one could compile
wine-gecko, .cab creation would be an obstacle).

Therefore I've packaged the Wine provided prebuilt binary .cab as
wine-gecko, and put it into the "non-free" repository (Cooker, and
backports for 2010.0,2009.1,2009.0). Future builds and backports of Wine
will contain a soft dependency ("Suggests") on wine-gecko, thus
installing it automatically if the "non-free" repository is available.

> [1]
> [2]

Anssi Hannula

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