Edit control messages through Comctl32 v6 module

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 04:18:56 CST 2009

On 12/15/2009 15:52, Roderick Colenbrander wrote:
> Great that you got it working. Regarding actctx, this should work fine
> with our manifest support. Not much has to happen at all. Basically in
> user32 it needs to be checked whether a window class (lets say the
> Button one) is redirected or not. If it is redirected at dll init,
> just call RegisterClassNameW.
Yesterday I started with it, you may find current helper in attached 
patch. It doesn't work yet,
the only thing I finished is to find a context and module name that 
redirects specified class,
that part works ok with some problems in existing context code:
/* query_index.ulAssemblyIndex = key_data.ulAssemblyRosterIndex; */
at this point returned index doesn't pass parameter validation in next 
QueryActCtxW() call,
but it's not a stopper for now and I forced it to 1 (2 was returned).

The main problem is that I still can't get module handle to this SxS 
It's even worse, testing on Windows I'm not able to GetModuleHandle() 
for this library
with full path explicitly hardcoded. It's a bit strange.

After some testing on Windows I found that DllMain for mine library is 
called only after
attempt to CreateWindow() with redirectable classname and the following 
sequence produced:
call to RegisterClassNameW
DLL_PROCESS_DETACH /* disregarding that return value from registration 
call was success or not */
That's all done during CreateWindow() call.

I'd like to see some comments from kernel-knowledge developers - is it 
ok that SxS module load is delayed and
how properly replicate this outside kernel32 (inside user32 for this case).


> The only thing I'm still interested in is whether Microsoft really
> isn't subclassing the controls as I think Microsoft might have added
> those calls because of theming. It would be trivial to call
> GetWindowSubclass on a comctl32 v6 button.
True, this could be easily tested, but it's next part of the problem, 
first of load I need to
register classes.
> Roderick

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