Parser for cmd language?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Thu Dec 17 14:06:42 CST 2009

Dan Kegel a écrit :
> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 4:03 AM, Henri Verbeet <hverbeet at> wrote:
>> 2009/12/17 Dan Kegel <dank at>:
>>> The two problems are not unrelated.  It's possible that
>>> finding somebody willing to use antlr would be easier
>>> than finding somebody willing to use yacc or write it
>>> from scratch.
>> For a potential new contributor possibly, but I doubt that's true for
>> most existing Wine contributors.
> I'm thinking of college students :-)
>> My personal experience is that most
>> people I know that use or used ANTLR are Java developers rather than C
>> developers though. I did use ANTLR v2.x myself in the past (I wrote
>> some Java too, hope it doesn't show too much ;)), although more in a
>> maintenance kind of way. Seemed to work well enough, although I don't
>> remember it having compelling features over bison/yacc.
> Multilanguage support seems pretty compelling (though it's
> kind of limited, since one usually intersperses target language code
> in amongst the grammar...)
> - Dan
we don't need to support several grammar compiler in wine
yacc/bison is way sufficient
but I agree that using a real grammar to rewrite cmd would be a real gain.
current code is unmaintainable as it is


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