hlink/hlink_main.c : Remove an unneeded assignment.

Amine Khaldi amine48rz at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 13:08:03 CST 2009

> Hi Amine, 
Hi Jacek,

>>       r = register_clsid(&CLSID_StdHlink);
>>       if (SUCCEEDED(r))
>>  -        r = register_clsid(&CLSID_StdHlinkBrowseContext);
>>  +        register_clsid(&CLSID_StdHlinkBrowseContext);
>>       return S_OK;
> In this case the correct fix is to return r. Please be more careful 
> then doing janitorial work. There are more places in your patches that 
> seem questionable. You should make sure that we want to ignore an 
> error instead of handling it (and usually we don't) before deleting 
> such assignments. Otherwise it's just hiding bugs.

Hmm.. I missed this point, sorry.

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