trivial cmd test suite

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Dec 23 12:50:40 CST 2009 now points to a
trivial test suite for cmd that is currently driven by a
shell script (so on windows you need to install cygwin).
Later I'll replace the shell script with a C program that
bundles the test data into the executable to allow
its use in WineTestBot and winetest.
(I'm away from my office, so I haven't tested it on Wine yet.)

Austin also has a small test for cmd in

The main difference between the two is that people
writing tests have to do lots of escaping in Austin's
(because his test data is inline in the script)
but not in mine (because test data is stored in
external files during authoring; it will be packed
into the executable later when I translate this
into C).
- Dan

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