Re: [winspool 2/6] Move the dlopen of libcups to a sep =?iso-8859-15?Q?arate_function, _allowing_CUPS_to_be_used_prior_to_the_?= full on loading of CUPS printers.

Detlef Riekenberg at
Thu Dec 24 09:36:27 CST 2009

Hi Jeremy

What is your reason for your work in winspool.drv?
What are your plans?

Even if the Patchset changes some things, it's not the correct location to do that.

winspool.drv must not do anything with the registry or the driver files.
winspool.drv must not use cups at all
wineps.drv must not use cups at all

That all belong to a print provider, together with a print monitor.
To make our live easy, the printprovider and printmonitor for CUPS and LPR will be integrated into localspl.dll 
(windows is using seperate provider/monitor: See inetpp.dll and lprmon.dll with friends)

I have a Patch here for moving AddPrinter to localspl, that address most of your changes,
but a small peace of code is only in my test app and not in the Patch yet (get default DEVMODEW from the Driver)
An important issue is, that we store DEVMODEA in the registry.
Code is there to handle that, bu it failed on julliards machine.

My localspl.dll has a cups.c, but that need more work(i can't continue before mid januar).

And IMHO, using wine_get_unix_file_name in High-level dlls is wrong by design.

W2k pro and XP pro have driver directories only for supported environments.
(Servers are different)
When you think, that you need the driver directories, they can be created with wine.inf

Please avoid ANSI strings in new code. (strdupWtoA should go away)

By by ... Detlef

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