Acting as advisor for wcmd-uplift project?

Jacek Caban jacek at
Sat Dec 26 13:06:02 CST 2009

Hi Dan,

On 12/26/09 5:16 PM, Dan Kegel wrote:
> OK, cmd/tests it is.
> I've updated accordingly.
> A rough prototype is at
> (I'm doing this all on a tiny netbook which
> doesn't have a wine development system,
> so I can't produce a patch yet.)

I've been following cmd.exe topic and I was concerned about the fact, 
that these tests are out of Wine tree, so I wanted to help and 
implemented a simple framework. I almost didn't test it so I didn't send 
it before. It caused a code duplication, I'm sorry about that. I'm 
attaching the patch (it requires running tools/make_makefiles) and I 
will leave it for others.

> To-do list:
> - fix so
> we can more easily compare output of wine's cmd with
> output of windows' cmd
> - integrate into wine's build system

It is in done in my patch. It came out that it just worked as with dlls 

> - bundle the test scripts with resource calls instead of escaped arrays


> - better messages on test failures?

Messages probably need improvements. There is no info at all ATM.

> - alternately, move to one test script per bug?

Perhaps not one per bug, but one per command/feature would be good.

> - coax winetest into including this binary,
>    and make sure they work well together

It doesn't work ATM, but it shouldn't be hard to fix.

Also, your tests are very risky in terms of non-English locales. I think 
we shouldn't test error messages strings. A problem with directory in 
prompt may be fixed by special escape in expected result file that would 
be replaced by the right directory in runtime.

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